Histoire Junior

From the Middle Ages to our time, Histoire Junior helps kids 10-15 discover History. Keeping in mind that there are 1001 ways to tell a story, this magazine will spark kids’ historical imagination. In this magazine we follow the adventures of Clovis and Clio, two young travelers ready to do anything to illustrate the richness of history to your child.

In each issue, kids will find stories about monuments, everyday objects, and works of art. Discover objects that may have disappeared today and monuments that are now in ruins.

Each month, readers will get an in-depth report on an era, a character, or an event that changed the course of history. In addition, historical figures are presented that can act as real role models for your child thanks to their bravery and courage. Kids learn without realizing it thanks to the comic strips and accessible tone.

The magazine also includes pages of games on the issue’s theme. You’ll find mixed words, crossword puzzles, riddles, and many more.

Histoire Junior is compatible with school curriculum up to the second year of high school. Your child can then learn history two different ways and enrich his or her knowledge of courses presented in school. This subscription helps them cultivate their minds all while having fun.

Subscribe today! Keep in mind that we ship worldwide, and our catalog is also available in French.


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