Je bouquine

The best of teen literature and culture to expand your preteen’s horizons. Je Bouquine is a surefire way to make sure that your child becomes a fan of literature old and new. Je Bouquine, the reading break that’s fun for everyone, introducing readers to classics from yesteryear to today.

Each month your child will get over 30 pages on a theme that’s relevant to teen culture, plus Je Bouquine includes a special mini-book and an interesting article on an alternative subject. Kids will also get a fun Quiz to test their knowledge! This magazine brings kids a real reading guide, whether that’s in comics, novels, and manga. It also includes a classic story updated to the present, making it feel of-the-moment to relatively new readers.

Each monthly issue offers:

  • a 30-page section on a theme concerning teenagers
  • a fun novella
  • an interesting investigation
  • an awesome Quiz
  • a real reading guide (comics, novels, manga, and more)
  • an extract from an important work of literature, from a contemporary perspective

This review allows young people to dive into reading. They’ll discover how literature can expand our perspective on existential questions. Je Bouquine links emotion and reflection to help readers form opinions while they have fun. Check out our other youth publications while you’re here, and don’t forget that our catalog is also available in French.




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