My Weekly

My Weekly, the 100% digital bilingual magazine to improve your English in just 10 minutes!


My Weekly is an entirely digital magazine that aims to helps heighten young adult’s level of English. This weekly magazine is a fun resource that’s adapted to young adults from 13 to 20 years old. Every Friday, they’ll enrich their vocabulary and get the opportunity to read an interesting article in English. In addition, the lessons encourage young adults to review irregular verbs in a new and inventive way.

Its digital format is perfectly suited to learning a second language. Indeed, thanks to its audio content, readers are granted access to texts read by British English-speakers. This way, learners get acquainted with correct pronunciation and  become familiar with different anglophone accents. My Weekly is a great complement to school curriculum in English. In addition to the language itself, the magazine follows and focuses on current events in English-speaking countries.

Find all our subscriptions to young adult titles as well as our magazines dedicated to foreign language learning! Our catalog is also available in English.

The digital version will be sent by the publisher. You will receive your first issue within 2 weeks of your order’s validation.


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