My Little Weekly

Discover My Little Weekly, the 100% digital bilingual magazine, especially for English-learners aged 6 to 13!


My Little Weekly is a totally-digital magazine that aims to introduce children to the language of Shakespeare! This weekly magazine is designed to work like a fun English class. Content is adapted to school curriculum for 6-13 year olds, and verified by language teachers. Through these lessons, your child will have a blast learning new vocabulary. Tough words and expressions are explained.

And that’s not all: My Little Weekly’s digital format is perfectly adapted to learning a new language. Indeed, thanks to its audio content, kids have access to texts read in authentic British accents. This way, children get used to listening to English, and in just 10 minutes a week  will become familiar with a host of different accents. My Little Weekly is a great complement to help your child in their learning process. New languages, indeed, open doors!

Find all our youth subscriptions, plus our other magazines dedicated to foreign languages! Speaking of which, our site is also available in English. Because UNI-Presse is a citizen of the world, just like you, we ship to over 190 countries!

The digital version will be sent by the publisher. You will receive your first issue within 2 weeks of your order’s validation. 


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