L’étiquette is a different kind of fashion magazine. Less fashion, more substance. Less superficial, more exciting.

Built as a real guide, both educational and fun, it will list the year’s hottest trends. Every 6 months, it deciphers the latest trends in men’s elegance, in the form of a paper reference guide. It will help men, who are increasingly interested in fashion, to get dressed every day, without ever becoming a fashion victim.

Within the pages of your L’étiquette magazine, you’ll find :

  • a “Heroes” section, painting portraits of great personalities telling the story of their lives through their wardrobes
  • “How to wear” files, offering advice and inspiration on how to wear the latest men’s wardrobe must-haves with panache
  • Invitations into the closets of fashion celebrities to talk about style, and so much more!

More than a magazine, L’étiquette is a beautiful object, a veritable work of art. With its large illustrated format and more than 150 quality pages, you will undoubtedly enjoy leafing through it, reading it, and coming back to it time and time again. A must-have to see and live fashion in a way that’s all your own!

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