Cahiers Science & Vie

Immerse yourself in the history of civilizations with Les Cahiers Science & Vie!

An installment of the Science & Vie magazine series, this bimonthly magazine offers readers a journey back in time to discover lost civilizations, mysteries, discoveries and overarching questions that have marked history. With an expert eye, Les Cahiers Science & Vie provides scientific analyses on grand historical subjects. Each issue explores a major theme, illuminated by scientific research. Subjects are examined from multiple angles, ensuring that the secrets of yesteryear are demystified!

In Cahiers Science & Vie, you’ll find:

  • Archaeological news: discovery, deciphering facts…
  • A complete and illustrated report, featuring iconography that mixes period documents and contemporary images. The death of kings, The Mesopotamians, Science and technology in the Middle Ages, Sexuality through the ages, Who are we?, China: the inventions that changed the world, The “truth” from the apocryphal gospels to fake news, Atlantis, a never-ending quest, and more!
  • Behind the scenes of history: museology, books, etc.

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