Histoire et civilisations

Each month, Histoire et Civilisations brings you along to explore historical eras that will enrich your understanding of the present-day. “Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?” These questions and more will be answered from a historical lens. This magazine is perfect for any history buff!

The history of mankind, from Antiquity to present-day, and edited by Le Monde and National Geographic. You’ll be sure to come out of your reading knowing even more than you already did!

Get valuable hindsight on great civilizations of the past. You’ll be able to get past the idea of the “clash of civilizations” and move onto that of “cultural exchange.” Because history never happens in a vacuum!

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Here, teams from Le Monde et National Geographic have commissioned archeologists, historians, philology experts, geographers, and more. You’ll get diverse perspectives on history, and take a tour of the galleries in which our ancestors now live.

Your subscription to Histoire et civilisations will bring you a global reading of history. You’ll master international and comparative history all the way back to its ancient origins. Through chronological landmarks, analyses, portraits, and unexpected archives and infographics, Histoire et civilisations brings you over 5000 years of history.

Your monthly rendez-vous with 11 issues per years is available all over the world. Our teams are at your disposal, offering free worldwide shipping to over 190 countries.


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