Le Petit Quotidien

Le Petit Quotidien is the daily paper for 6-10 year olds! Thanks to this publication, kids will get used to reading about and discovering the world around them.

With 4 pages per day, kids will get reports on news, nature, science, history, and more. Kids will learn more about the world around them through fun and educational articles. Current events get taken on in age-appropriate fashions, so that little ones don’t miss a beat, no matter where you’re living. You’ll get what’s new not only in France, but all over the world. Little ones will also get to brush up on their French language skills anywhere in the world. Plus, each Monday, you’ll receive a special photography issues, showing kids the different ways of visualizing the world around us.

And who could forget the famous mascots who bring children fun stories and hold their hand in this new learning experience !

Plus, Le Petit Quotidien is recommended by teachers. Discover other magazines for this age group. Because kids should never be without guides in understanding the world around us, we ship to over 190 countries.

The digital version will be sent by the editor. You’ll receive your first issue around two weeks after the validation of your order. 



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