Youpi I get it is a monthly magazine full of fun for the whole family. Inside, you’ll find fascinating information on animals, the environment, and history — you might even learn something new, too!

Who were the first men? What is a killer whale? Where do garbage bins go? At the age where children from 6 to 9 years old ask countless questions, Youpi brings countless answers, to the great pleasure of all its readers!

Youpi is a real source of information for the youngest. Explained in simple words, the news is made understandable for everyone. Your child will thus enrich his or her general culture. Each issue contains a wealth of information about the world around us, a source of endless fascinations for big and little people!

This approach to big questions allows your child to learn more about many subjects.

With a subscription to Youpi j’ai compris from Bayard, every month your child will discover new answers to his or her countless “why”s ! Finally, you’ll be able to answer all their most pressing questions — especially since UNI-Presse ships all over the world.

Indeed, so that your child can receive their magazines wherever you live, we deliver to over 190 countries! Plus, delivery is free of charge everywhere. Don’t hesitate any longer, and be sure to check out our other fun magazines while you’re here !


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