Fusions et Acquisitions

Fusions et Acquisitions magazine is the leader in the field of M&A in France. The word M&A stands for Mergers & Acquisitions in English. It covers the various aspects of buying out a company’s capital. Thus, each transaction involves a financial exchange between one or more sellers. Every year, it publishes a list of financial advisors and is considered a reference in France.

Since its creation in 1987, Fusions et Acquisitions has counted economic and financial professionals among its readers.

The information published by the magazine helps readers to understand the different operations in their field. You’ll get articles on corporate finance, corporate strategy and management of financial operations, and more. Fusions et Acquisitions is a growth accelerator for companies because it allows them to develop their activities, increase their financial power, and their market shares. In particular, the revue highlights examples of operations, strategic justifications, and management. Keep yourself and your team at the top of your game with F&A.

Since 2016, Fusions et Acquisitions has been an editorial partner of BPI France. The magazine also devotes an important place to topics related to Real Estate and Restructuring.

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