Revue française de gestion

Founded in 1975 on the initiative of The French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE), La Revue française de gestion is France’s main popular science publication on everything concerning management.

La Revue française de gestion is a series of specialised publications that condenses and presents material from various management fields (strategy, marketing, finance, etc.). This monthly review publishes articles and opinion pieces by practitioners and researches covering the development of techniques, practices and the art of management. Its objective is to facilitate communication, discussion and criticism of company research and management fields. As such, it is intended for lecturer-researchers and researchers themselves, but also for practitioners and managers interested in management and who wish to keep abreast of current developments in this field. It publishes 8 issues per year, of which at least one special thematic edition.

The articles address subjects like crowdfunding, social and responsible investment, strategy and management research and many others! For further reading, consult our catalogue of publications on economy, finance and marketing.

La Revue française de gestion is available in print and digital format.

The digital version is sent by the publisher. You will receive the first issue two weeks following order validation.

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