Fléchés gourmand

Fléchés gourmand, the game magazine that’s a feast for your neurons

On the menu, you’ll find crossword puzzles of all levels, all gathered around the same passion: cooking. The icing on the cake is a book of gourmet recipes offered with each issue of your Fléchés gourmand! 21 recipes that are sure to please the whole family! Are you fond of new culinary ideas? Seasonal fruits and vegetables will find their way into your grids to inspire you for this week’s meals.

With more than 6000 arrow words, Fléchés gourmand will keep you busy for hours! With three levels of difficulty, this quarterly can be adapted to your evolution and allows you to progress at your own pace. You will find star grids, various themes, appetizing photos, as well as arrow puzzles, quizzes and definitions. A fun, intelligent and inspiring way to have fun at any hour of the day.

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With Fléchés gourmand, you’ll find inspiration for the very tastiest seasonal recipes!

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