Mots Fléchés

Mots Fléchés (plusieurs niveaux) is the perfect review for anyone who loves having fun while they relax. Throughout these pages you’ll find subtle definitions, riddles, new vocabulary, and a sprinkle of humor. This review will become your best gaming friend. Play all kinds of levels to find the one that works best for you. Arrow words puzzles are similar to crossword puzzles, but shaken up a bit.

Players are to place letters in a rubric. Often, those rubrics are rectangular and you can find the correct response by consulting the hints included in the graph. The game was born in Sweden, and that’s why sometimes Mots Fléchés are called “Swedish arrow words.” In 1969, Jacques Capelovici imported the game to France.

Today, Mots Fléchés or Arrow words are a huge success ! They help us what experts call our “linguistic intelligence.” Indeed, players will find that games are easier and faster the better they get at making associations by synonyms. This demands a good linguistic level, plus strong culture and literary, Historical, geographical, and mythological knowledge.

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