dBD brings you the latest in graphic novels and comics!

dBD was established by Frederic Bosser in 2006. The magazine is written by an enthusiastic team specialized in comics and graphic novels. The magazine is published 10 times a year, including two double issues in June-August and December-January. Each month in dBD magazine you’ll get original editorial content, such as:

  • News from the world of the 9th art;
  • A short interview that highlights one or several innovative authors;
  • dBD reports on comics;
  • Portraits of authors;
  • A retrospective portfolio on authors’ famous images;
  • Franco-Belgian and anglophone works, comics in fantasy, childhood, science fiction, humor, studio visits …

The skilled writing in dBD allows readers to better understand the universe of graphic novels. The editorial line focuses on French authors and publishers in order to emphasize aesthetics and originality. Special issues are also regularly produced on themes such as Blake and Mortimer, the caricature in press cartoons, Ric Hochet, and more. After fifteen years of service, dBD continues to fulfill its mission to help readers discover quality comics and find graphic novels that will change their lives.

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