Otaku Manga

A new manga magazine? Yes, but very different!

The publisher of youth magazine Geek Junior launches Otaku Manga, a magazine about a new universe, manga.

Why a magazine about manga for teenagers?

There is no regular magazine dedicated to the manga universe and suitable for teenagers.
The current editorial offer mainly focuses on the announcement of new titles and
success. The manga universe has an educational and cultural dimension too little exploited.
Young fans of this universe are also creators: they draw, they publish, they dive into the
Japanese and Asian culture. There is a lack of content to accompany them
creative and learning.
The prescribers that are the mediatories and the professors-documentalists expect a support
who guide them to enrich their manga department, to accompany their students/users in their reading,
to run manga clubs in schools.

What will we read in Otaku Manga?

Manga chronicles, tutorials, a thematic dossier… Otaku Manga will of course present a
selection of the best mangas of the moment, but not only! He will also follow the news of the animes,
webtoons and will talk about video games related to mangas. Without forgetting a retro section for
make an ideal manga library!


As for Geek Junior, this bimonthly magazine also offers a tutorial area (drawings, calligraphy,
recipes for cooking…). It is all Asian culture that is within reach of teenagers (between 10 and
17 years) in a fun and educational magazine.

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