Tempura is the first independent quarterly exploring Japanese cultures and trends!

With a raw and uninhibited editorial line, Tempura‘s ambition is to explore the path less traveled by, to meet Japanese people and propose an alternative vision of the archipelago. The wide variety of subjects will satisfy readers who are curious about arts, cultures, identities, and society in general. It’s a creative look at Japan, far from clichés, and full of freshness.

Every three months, in over 150 pages, Tempura will take readers on a journey that will alter them. Featuring:

  • Investigations and reports on important social issues
  • Portraits of Japanese or foreign personalities with links to Japan, an author or artist of reference, a symbol of an era or a rising trend
  • Deciphering the latest trends (fashion, design, tech,…), exclusive editorials, etc.
  • Discovering a region: nature, outdoor, and more
  • Franco-Japanese cultural reviews and calendars: arts, literature, cinema, cuisine
  • Exclusive glimpses into underground scenes in various urban centers

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