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Subscribe to Alpes Magazine and delve into the best of what the Alps have to offer! This bimonthly magazine will nurture your desire to explore with passion and authenticity.

For over 25 years, each issue of Alpes Magazine issue has helped you discover all the facets of this fabulous mountain territory!

From Slovenia to the Mediterranean, Alpes Magazine takes you to the most beautiful places to meet today’s mountain dwellers.

Within its pages, you will discover the most beautiful hikes and exploits on the Alpine summits, as well as articles on culture, history, discovery, mountaineering and interviews with men and women.

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By subscribing to Alpes magazine, you will receive an issue every two months so that you don’t miss any of the beauty that these mountains have to offer. The editorial staff provides you with a look at the history, the lifestyles and the projects of those who represent the soul of the Alps.

Travel, tourism and nature– Alpes Magazine has it all! As you sift through its pages, you will experience journeys to the heart of the valleys, escapades to the summits as well as meetings with the men and women who bring life to the Alps.

There is so much exciting content to discover within its pages.

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