Revue internationale de droit comparé

The Revue internationale de droit comparé has been published in France since 1949. It is intended to provide lawyers of all specialties from all countries with ongoing training on the evolution of legal science in France and abroad. This training is devised from both a doctrinal and practical point of view.

The “Studies” and “Varieties” sections contain feature articles and news stories on the major legal challenges faced today. They are considered from a comparative perspective. Each issue also has a section with columns on the Senate derived from comparative legal studies. They are drawn up for senators and case law by the Comparative Law Unit of the CRDJ (Centre for Legal Research and Dissemination) of the Council of State. The Revue internationale de droit comparé has an “Information” section which presents the life of law around the world. The “Bibliography” section consists of commented analyses or short announcements about numerous French and foreign works that have been recently published, as well as a French bibliography and the list of books received.

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