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Le Recueil penant

France's oldest legal review on civil law in Africa.


Le Recueil Penant is the oldest law review on private law in Africa (est. 1891).

It’s also the only law review that publishes articles on doctrines and commentary on jurisprudence. In these pages, you’ll find articles by leading specialists: academics, magistrates, lawyers, and other law practitioners. Le Recueil Penant publishes decisions on jurisprudence by the Cour Commune de Justice et d’Arbitrage de l’OHADA.

This review is also an important research tool for any and all jurists who practice on the African continent.

The review treats domains such as Social Law, Commercial Law, class action, civil cases, and negotiation.

The review also regularly publishes special issues (safety, bank guarantees, class action, negotiation), that will be particularly interesting to practitioners.

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