Prions en église – junior

Prions en église junior: discovering the Word of God and living one’s faith daily

Prions en Église Junior accompanies children aged 8 and up in the discovery of the Word of God. Teach your child to grow in faith. This bimonthly magazine will serve as an awakening of faith for your child, and will allow him/her to better understand the Mass and other major Catholic events.

This monthly magazine offers the Scripture texts used for the daily Mass. You will also find the commentaries for the Sunday Mass. Prions en église junior also offers suggestions to accompany kids’ life in prayer. Learn to pray, because it’s not that easy! All this is accompanied by an introductory reading of the Bible, the lives of the saints of the month, and a selection of songs.

An indispensable tool for daily personal or community prayer. If you want to learn more about the pillars of the Catholic faith and benefit from an interesting and intelligent awakening to the faith, then subscribe to Prions en église junior, to better understand the mass and your faith.

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