Médecine et droit

Médecine et Droit is a magazine that informs physicians about the various aspects of law and regulation relevant to their profession. The magazine informs lawyers on specific problems related to medical activities and on the major bioethical debates.

Médecine et Droit publishes 6 issues per year. In each issue, you’ll find summary articles on bioethics, deontology and professional practice (contracts, companies, taxation). Also topics on medical liability, judicial medicine, public health, prevention…

The journal is organized in two ways: Protection of the person and Professional practice. It deals with :

  • Health research and personal data protection
  • The limits of the risk-based approach to research involving the human subject, the main focus at Médecine et Droit 
  • Finally, the evolution of standards in the face of the development of connected health objects

The journal Médecine et Droit provides regular information on scientific events and published articles or books. In addition, it offers a true panorama of jurisdictional and legislative news through its news briefs.

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