Subscription Journal de la Psychanalyse de l’enfant

The Journal de la Psychanalyse de l’Enfant offers an in-depth exploration of the inner world of the child, founded on analysis, research and the recommendations of psychoanalysts and psychotherapists who are working to bring help to children who are suffering.

Le Journal de la psychanalyse de l’enfant is designed in particular for parents and for members of institutional teams who have to care for them.

The review publishes original articles based on the clinical and therapeutic experience of authors who come from different trends in contemporary psychoanalysis, and not only from French-speaking countries but from other linguistic areas and cultures.

The objective of this review is : to share the different contributions made by the psychoanalytic exploration of the psychic suffering of babies, children and adolescents; to make available the latest research on this subject; and to cover the debate prompted by this exploration and research.

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