Evolution psychiatrique

Evolution psychiatrique is a quarterly journal founded in 1925. It publishes original articles, research, and clinical developments. The articles contained concern the scientific and philosophical schools of thought in contemporary psychiatry. Plus, you’ll also find recent works of clinical research. Additionally, the journal also offers readers critical reflections on psychiatry and related disciplines. This means that new practitioners and experienced professionals alike will find important information on contemporary psychiatry in this journal.

Evolution psychiatrique keeps readers up-to-date on  the history of psychiatry as well as recent research. It is intended to be a tool for students, researchers and practitioners. The texts concern current topics and new developments in neuroscience. Evolution psychiatrique employs an international review committee to assist its editorial board. Notably, the journal is a point of junction between medical psychiatry and psychoanalysis. It lends a critical perspective to psychoanalysis as practiced by non-physicians.

It proposes columns by themes such as:

  • Solitude
  • Hallucination
  • Structures and symbols
  • Victimology
  • Current events in psychiatric phenomenology

Originally, this journal was linked to psychoanalysis through Henri Ey’s theories. He was a French neurologist and psychiatrist who wrote many books based on psychoanalytic theory.

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