Psychiatrie de l’enfant

Psychiatrie de l’enfant: Clinical briefs and social issues

Psychiatrie de l’enfant allows readers to delve deeper in the field of child psychiatry. Detailed, professionally-written articles and briefs will help you develop your knowledge of this vast subject. Subscribers will receive bi-annual issues on psychopathology and therapeutics in child and adolescent psychiatry. Psychoanalysts and specialists in various disciplines, such as neuropsychology, biology, or education, construct studies that are shared with readers in each issue.

Psychiatrie de l’enfant is a multidisciplinary publication thanks both to its content, and its international panel of authors. Although the general theme remains psychiatry, this publication extends its content to other branches of medicine. There is something here for practitioners in every field! The authors present their personal ideas, the results of their work, and the clinical material they use.

Plus, the “Critical reviews of current problems” section offers an illustration of trends in child psychiatry. If you’re looking to keep up with the latest in the field or you’re a student looking to broaden your psychiatric acumen, then subscribe to Psychiatrie de l’enfant. Don’t hesitate to consult our vast catalog of Medical journals and magazines. Our catalog is also available in French, and we ship worldwide.



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