Le Moniteur des pharmacies

Le Moniteur des Pharmacies is a weekly print magazine that also features access to its web site and its mobile application. Here you’ll find all the information, training and essentials in the daily practice of pharmacology. Find social and occupational news, new products, and tips on pharmacovigilance.

New: the magazine “Pharmacien Manager” becomes a supplement to your magazine with 10 issues per year! It deciphers the winning strategy of a dynamic pharmacy. It gives the trends of the pharmaceutical market in terms of leading products, best launches. You will know everything about the questions of the owners in terms of organisation, labour law, accounting.

Moreover, stay up-to-date on all the latest pharmaceutical news, decrypted with entirely useful information and syntheses. Consult inquiries, files, reports, interviews, and much more.

The digital version is sent by the publisher. You should receive the first issue within two weeks of your order’s validation.

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