Front populaire

Front Populaire aims to be the news magazine of sovereignists par excellence, but it is also much more than that!

Front Populaire is published 4 times a year. Throughout the seasons, you will find magazine articles and reports that decode the great debates of today’s society. Here, no subject is taboo, and all areas are covered.

Front Populaire discusses both regional and international news. A wide range of subjects appear in each issue, from politics to the art market to scientific news. In a complex society where one needs to understand trade agreements between countries as well as issues surrounding climate change, Front Populaire is here to inform you.  Content is written by experts in the field in order to keep you as informed as possible. This magazine gives readers the keys to make up their own minds on social issues with the help of statistics and articles written by former elected officials, yellow vests, teachers, lawyers, demographers, farmers … Atheists, agnostics, believers, from left to right.

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