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With a subscription to Études magazine, you get to enjoy the writings of free-thinking and curious minds on a monthly basis. Every month, Études offers 144 pages worth of content about the world (International, Society, Essay, Religions, Arts) and culture (Photography, Theatre, Exhibition, Cinema, Music, Media, Books). Études is the right magazine for keeping up with contemporary culture!

It explores international issues, politics, new ideas, literature, arts, philosophy, advanced science as well as religious and social issues.

Therefore, a subscription to Études serves as both a professional and a cultural tool. With a variety of authors and subjects, the magazine does more than provide information– it encourages reflection by highlighting the ethical aspect of the issues discussed.

The journal Études, originally entitled Études de théologie, de philosophie et d’histoire, was founded in 1856 under the direction of two Jesuits, Jean (Ivan) Gagarine (of Russian origin) and Charles Daniel.

It has been published almost continuously (monthly or fortnightly, depending on the period) since its foundation, with the exception of the years 1880-1888 (expulsion of the Jesuits) and 1940-1944 (German occupation).

With approximately 11,000 subscribers and more than 30,000 readers, the magazine reaches a wide audience. Its articles are divided into the following sections: international, society, religion and culture. Other contributions (literary news, columns, etc.) round off each issue. The authors are often academics, chosen for their competence and their compatibility with the ‘spirit’ of the magazine.

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