Hommes et Migrations

Hommes et migrations positions itself as a French social science journal specialized in migration. Published by the Museum of the History of Immigration, it has been published on a quarterly basis for over 50 years. Now more than ever, it’s the perfect time for us to familiarize ourselves with the realities of migration.

The journal addresses many contemporary issues: cultural diversity, integration, citizenship, approaches and difficulties. This multidisciplinary journal combines researchers’ perspectives with those of practitioners. Here, you’ll find thematic dossiers on migration dynamics, the trials of immigration, and public policies.

It publishes thematic dossiers and columns on migration flows, the realities of immigration, public policies, and intercultural dialogue.

Hommes et migrations is composed of three main sections:

Point Surhighlights the characteristics of former scientific dossiers and reviews the latest research.
The section Au Musée informs us of current events at the National Museum of the History of Immigration.
The third part, Champs libres, is dedicated to the debate on migration issues and current events. In this section, you’ll find news on films, books and essays, as well as music.

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