Questions internationales

Questions Internationales follows the evolution of major geopolitical groups and analyzes international issues. It offers reports, summaries and perspectives that allow for a better understanding of the major themes in international and European affairs.

Questions Internationales is a reference in its field. In order to facilitate the reader’s understanding and to immerse him in the subject matter, the magazine is richly illustrated. Plenty of infographics, glossaries, chronologies, and numerous maps and photographs are presented to enrich the articles.

In each issue of Questions Internationales, readers will find

– A main dossier dealing with an international news topic, a geostrategic issue or the evolution of a geographical area. In-depth articles, reference points, and maps allow for a closer analysis of the subject at hand.

– Various sections such as European Issues, World Views, International Issues Portraits, International Issues on the Screen, etc.

The quality and objectivity of the magazine are guaranteed thanks to a review council, composed of personalities and recognized specialists in international affairs. The editorial board of Questions Internationales is headed by Sabine Jansen, a university professor, and Serge Sur, professor emeritus in public law and founder of the Thucydides Center.

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