Postalector Espagnol

The choice of originality: if you are studying Spanish or if you simply like literary classics brought up to date. This subscription is made for people who speak Spanish with confidence, with an intermediate level in Spanish language B1 and above.


We encourage the learning of the Spanish language through artistic, cultural and fun content on digital media. By learning Spanish, you also learn a new culture which allows you to have a new vision and a better understanding of your interlocutor. You will develop human skills: respect, compassion, tolerance, awakening.


Each month. You receive e-sheets of a literary character from Spanish stories and novels every month; the infographic poster includes a summary of the main story and self-assessment exercises.

Each quarter. You will have access every quarter to the reading of a graphic novel.

You will receive 16 deliveries during the year.


One-year non-renewable offer in Spanish. However, it will be available with other content in English and French, if you wish to complete your knowledge in one of these languages, once your subscription in Spanish has been completed.

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