Magazine Argument

The magazine Argument is published by the eponymous association and has no advertising. The editorial team has about thirty volunteers. It has 80 A4 pages and all the codes of a high-end art magazine printed on 135G Glossy Coated paper.

The project of the magazine Argument was born from the idea of bringing together works, an audience of readers and artists, present through interviews, and conceiving everything as a collective exhibition by placing the artists at the center of the subject.

We want to create a direct link between the public, the works and the artist.

It is the artists who count above all: They write the world with matter, We share their visions, their dreams, Playing shapes and colors. They radiate poetry, wisdom and emotion.

Giving the artists the floor means devoting three-quarters of the pages of the publication to the reproduction of their works and making them speak for themselves of their work. They are the most legitimate to talk about it!

You will not find any advertising, it is a deliberate choice to keep our independence.

Let’s hope that reading the articles encourages you to take your bike, a train, your car, a plane and to come and visit the artists in their workshops!

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