Art Press

Created in 1972, Art Press is the leading international monthly magazine for all contemporary art enthusiasts.

This bilingual (French/English) magazine offers information and opinion pieces on contemporary art and strives to cover the entire international art scene by offering its readers a unique editorial approach. Focused mainly on visual arts and painting, it nevertheless delves into all the fine arts: literature, music, cinema, photography, video and electronic arts. This magazine merges all these different forms of contemporary creation and puts them into perspective.

Each month issue of Art Press contains in-depth reports, debates and portraits of artists through a panorama of current creations. You will also find interviews with creators, museum curators and art dealers as well as exhibition reviews and thematic columns that enrich each issue. This magazine offers a fresh perspective on the way we look at Art as a whole. As both a committed player and witness of today’s art scene, this magazine breaks traditional codes.

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