6 000 Mots

6 000 Mots

Twice a month, your 6 000 Mots magazine brings you 148 pages of word jumbles. Classic, thematic or zigzag, the choice is yours! Riddles, sometimes in text form, are associated with each puzzle to cultivate your general knowledge. In short, this magazine is a concentrate of fun, made just for you! Don’t wait any longer and get started today!

The origins of the word puzzle phenomenon lie in our oral history. The intertwining of languages, dialects and sounds has contributed to the modification of words and expressions over time.

If you are a regular word jumble shark, this magazine will allow you to keep up the pace and improve your level in no time. You can count on 6 000 Mots.

Thanks to this magazine, improve your thinking, your speed and your reflexes while learning in a playful way.

This bimonthly magazine will offer you more than 45 hours of relaxation and 148 grids to complete.

Treat yourself to moments of relaxation and plenty of fun.

Are you a game fan? Check out our complete catalog of games: cased, arrowed, coded, and more.

Receive your games wherever you are! We deliver to 190 countries! Our catalog is available in French and English.


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