The teams of WE DEMAIN magazine, Okapi and Phosphore magazines have conceived WE DEMAIN 100% Ado together. A project inspired by the mobilization of the Greta generation for the planet! The WE DEMAIN 100% Ado magazine provides solutions and leads to action. Even when you are between 10 and 20 years old, it is possible.

In this magazine, you will find testimonies of your actions, a selection of 50 personalities who are committed to the planet, a quiz, comics as well as contests organized with the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports!

WE DEMAIN 100% Ado offers you 2 issues per year. Each page will be an opportunity for you to take action.

“Trying out vegetarian burgers, putting on sneakers made of chewing gum, welcoming sheep at recess…: it may seem out of place. But each time, these are proposals that allow teens to learn and prioritize what they can do concretely and show them where they can start to mobilize.”

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