Ville, Rails et Transports

For 20 years, Ville, Rail et Transports has been the professional magazine of reference for public transport actors. In these pages, you will find all the information, advice, and services that constitute the occupational references. In a world where large cities are increasingly populated, urban planning is an essential theme for the future. Nowadays, transportation is essential and cannot afford to stop working for any reason.

The architecture of cities must be both practical and aesthetic. Each city has different needs and therefore different architectural styles. Whether you are a professional or enthusiast, Ville, Rail et Transports brings readers all the latest information concerning today’s cities.

Ville, Rail et Transports deals with both transport policies and the associated technical and industrial urban stakes, at levels French, European and international.

New mobilities, new modes of transport — the city lives according to the rhythm of transformations that reshape its space. From its relations with the surrounding environment to its adaptation to the movements of those who live in it, cities are ecosystems. Subscribe to this magazine to keep up-to-date on this dynamic sector! 

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