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Created in 1991, Steelmasters is a bimonthly magazine that is unique on its market. This model-making magazine focuses on armoured models and military vehicles. Its vocation is to convey news from the universe of model-making (exhibitions, competitions, new products, models…), provide technical advice regarding the assembly and decoration of models and provide historical information about the models. It is catered to armoured model enthusiasts and military history fans alike.

Throughout its 84 pages, Steelmasters showcases work from world’s leading modelers, details techniques and provides tips on achieving the best results. The magazine offers rich and diversified content including quality assemblies made by the world’s best modelers, clear and precise tutorials, news from the world of model-making, historical-technical reports, analyses of the latest trends and market novelties. With a modernised layout and new sections, it continues to reestablish itself as a reference magazine for military land models.

Readers also appreciate the historical references and other surprising features contained within. You too can subscribe!

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