Valeurs actuelles

Every week, Valeurs Actuelles brings you in-depth analyses – no concessions or beating-around-the-bush. It brings you the latest on current events national and international.

In each weekly issue of Valeurs Actuelles, you’ll find analysis on political, economic, and cultural events in France and around the world. You’ll also find exclusive interviews offering new perspectives on political candidates and races. Plus, you’ll get the latest on economic events that will help you better understand the social stakes at work around you.

Each issue brings you cultural news, keeping you abreast of different events and celebrations. From France to the other side of the world, you’ll be up to date on all the latest goings-on.

To promote debate, Valeurs Actuellesopens its pages to personalities well-known for their unbridled freedom of speech. This will help you to construct informed opinions on issues as diverse as our world community. This weekly magazine takes its strength from its capacity to defend its values. Valeurs Actuelles encourages engagement and doesn’t shy away from it itself!

In other words, Valeurs Actuelles is here to help you think critically.

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