L’Année Sociologique

L’Année sociologique was founded by Emile Durkheim in 1898. Today, it is a leading reference publication on both national and international sociology. This journal is one of the oldest works in the social sciences. It aims to enrich readers’ sociological knowledge via scientific approaches. This open journal makes various contributions to research, featuring experts in the field. Leading researchers and journalists offer writings on subjects such as

  • theory and epistemology
  • social science research
  • L’Année sociologique’s special analyses cultivating a deeper understanding of empirical sociology
  • the history of the social sciences
  • reviews of selected work, and more.

L’Année sociologique examines the transversal relationships between sociology and other social sciences. Whether it is economics, history, psychology or anthropology, the journal analyzes how these disciplines connect to sociology. In addition, the journal offers articles on sociology’s history and research questions in order to encourage questioning and critique. Moreover, it offers an analysis of general and specialized sociological works, both French and foreign.

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