toupie maxi jeux

Toupie Maxi Jeux is a special issue published before each Toupie Jeux. It contains games and activities similar to those enjoyed in preschool. These fun exercises will stimulate your child’s desire to learn. Thanks to coloring pages and mazes, kids will get a chance to practice using logic. Loads of games and plenty of stickers provide great structure for all the fun your child will have. Kids can learn at home without getting bored.

Published four times a year, Toupie Maxi Jeux contains:

  • Drawing games to help children develop their dexterity. This will also help when they learn to write!
  • Sudokus to help kids work on using logic
  • A story to color in, where kids will learn to mix colors themselves
  • “Where’s Waldo” – like games to develop your child’s patience and focus
  • Light mathematical games to introduce children to the subject, all while having fun
  • Loads of stickers, helping kids to learn about colors and shapes

Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy Toupie Maxi Jeux with your little one. Having fun together is so much better! While you’re here, you can also check out our other kid’s publications. Whatever your desire, you can order and receive our publications in the country in which you live. Plus, shipping is free!


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