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With Sport Auto, you’ll become a resident expert on exceptional vehicles. In this magazine, you’ll find all the technical characteristics and performances details on the most exclusive automobiles.

By subscribing to Sport Auto, you place yourself ahead of the game. This magazine pays particular attention to detail and precision. All the tests carried out are timed and validated in the field, demonstrating an eye for detail that assures readers the satisfaction of reliable data.

Plus, Sport Auto is a reference magazine for all motorsport enthusiasts! Its columns, articles, and investigations are real invitations to pop open the hood on motor racing competitions. From backstage at shows to the race circuit, this magazine approaches its subjects with the intention of sharing a moment of enthusiasm with its readers. The Sport Auto teams even visit the track in order to be as close as possible to today’s top drivers. Thus, they share with you their most striking introductions, their questions, and their vision for the future of the auto world.

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