Cette Année Là

Discover Cette Année-Là, ideal for anyone passionate about vintage automobiles ! Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you’ll find loads of information that will transport you into the past !


This time-travelling review will bring you quality articles on the vehicles that marked your childhood. Thanks to Cette Année-Là ‘s great reporting on all kinds of cars, you’ll learn more about their precise characteristics. Each issue is devoted to a specific year, bringing you the period’s emblematic automobiles and their fascinating technical qualities.

Above and beyond technical characteristics, you’ll dive into the world of sports cars. You’ll read about important historical moments, races, and rallies. Plus, each issue of Cette Année Là will also bring you valuable information on what was going on in the world at the same time. Whether it’s politics, celebrities and culture, you’ll (re)discover the world through the eyes of the automobile industry. You’ll also get to choose to receive issues on the years of your choosing. This rich collection contains over 50 issues, each containing over 600 facts on the year in question.

Each issue is an exercise in nostalgia for past epochs, featuring loads of different car models. Plus, each number brings you interesting historical information about the period in question. You’ll relive the past as if you were really there !

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