Soins is for all those who have chosen the nursing profession: students and practising nurses, hospital and liberal, managerial and non-managerial. This review is dedicated to rendering the evolutions of the care industry accessible to all of its practitioners.

All of Soins‘ articles are written by healthcare professionals working in national or international contexts. In addition, renowned experts in the caretaking industry are in charge of the journal’s editorial line and content.

Thus, the journal holds fast to its 4 major objectives:

  • Care News: all the professional, health and social news.
  • Knowledge and Practices: keys to best practices.
  • Regular columns: information on various pathologies, including diabetes, wounds, chronic pain, and including vast nursing research.
  • Dossier: a broad and documented vision on subjects concerning each nurse on a daily basis.
  • Fact sheets: synthetic and practical, to take stock of a theme and memorize easily.
  • Supplements such as training or employment are available.

Soins brings students and practitioners all the training they need. It prides itself upon being an important reference for students and professionals who are invested in the evolution of their field.

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