Sciences humaines

Created in 1988, Sciences Humaines is a monthly magazine for the popularization of human and social sciences.

This magazine is an educational tool to help readers understand, decipher, and follow the news in social sciences. The aim of this multidisciplinary publication is to gather and disseminate knowledge, reconciling scientific rigor and accessibility.

Sciences Humaines takes a critical look at the different contemporary currents of thought. It provides readers with sharp analysis and infographics.

Each month, clear summaries are proposed on a theme or a discipline via a rundown on the current state of research.

In each issue of Sciences Humaines, you’ll find important syntheses and an interview with a personality from the humanities. Plus, you’ll get a reference file on an author or a school of thought, recent research, bibliographies, and more. This magazine sits at the crossroads of multiple disciplines. It seeks to understand the human being and their interactions and perceptions.

A digital version of Sciences Humaines will be sent by the publisher. You will receive your first issue within 2 weeks of your order’s validation.

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