Sciences et Avenir

With Sciences et Avenir, dive into the wonderful world of science. Each month, find complete and illustrated reports on today’s most pressing scientific questions. Whether in medicine, astronomy, meteorology, or mathematics, you’ll be totally up-to-date on current scientific events! The magazine’s editorial staff makes sure that articles are easy for everyone to understand. Nonetheless, articles remain interesting and informative for those with more experience in a given subject. Sciences et Avenir will transport you into futuristic worlds, introducing readers to the latest revolutions in new technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc.

In addition, Sciences et Avenir offers synthesis articles in a host of disciplines: natural sciences, the environment, and even the humanities. It is not just a scientific magazine, it’s also a magazine about our future. It’s essential to stay informed on today’s advances in order to anticipate which ones will dominate the market in 10, 20 or 30 years.

Subscribe today to Sciences et Avenir, the ideal monthly magazine for people who want to understand everything. This magazine allows readers to discuss what tomorrow holds in store with verve and knowledge. Keep in mind that we ship worldwide, and our catalog is also available in French!

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