Revue XXI

Each trimester, this exceptionally pertinent review will bring you the best in long-form reporting. Including a host of different forms, it takes on current events with rigorous editorial standards and loads of original examples and illustrations. With articles as stunning as its visuals, it’s a publication you don’t want to miss. Combining language and aesthetics, it shows how complementary the two forms really are. Revue XXI brings you stories that will transport you to the site in question.

The review’s photography is also not-to-be-missed, bringing you the news in surprising different ways. Comic strips push the reader to engage with different mediums of communication. The goal is to bring a new look to today’s societies and their many actors. In order to ensure this, the founders of Revue XXI have always insisted upon showing the best of journalism and the best of editing, placing this review on par with The New Yorker or Vanity Fair.

Revue XXI is THE most indispensable magazine for readers who want to take on current events in a new way. Here, originality is never in short supply.

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