Revue Neurologique

Revue Neurologique is a journal dedicated to neurology and psychiatry, created in 1893. It is a reference publication for the work of renowned French and international research teams. The prestigious French publication on neurology explores the diseases of the nervous system and psychology.

The journal reports on developments across many specialties. Research and findings are reported in:

  • General reviews
  • Original dissertations
  • Communications
  • Letters to the editor

The journal analyzes rich swathes of data, offering a panorama of themes and questions disputed in France and around the world for decades now. Here we learn about subjects as vast as the conceptualization of hysteria, the introduction of radiography, the beginnings of neurosurgery, and more… Fields that today make Revue Neurologique a lauded publication throughout the world hundreds of years after its celebrated establishment in the 19th century.

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