Journal of Neuroradiology

The Journal of Neuroradiology aims to provide the latest information on a rapidly-evolving and demanding sphere. In Neuroradiology, specialists must adapt extremely quickly in order to assimilate as much knowledge as possible, in order to provide the best possible standard of care. From students to practitioners, this journal is a must for anyone in the field.

The Journal of Neuroradiology covers different fields in diagnostic and therapeutic Neuroradiology. First of all, it concerns the whole range of pathologies of the nervous system. Also addressed are different imaging methods (ultrasound, CT scan, angiography, MRI…). Plus, the journal also includes interventional neuroradiology. The journal publishes articles, reviews and technical notes in order to advance a practical approach to the specialty. Before publication, it is first evaluated by the editor-in-chief.

Articles included must be judged to be:

  • Clear and easy to understand, precise and concise
  • Interesting, new and valid information
  • Improve and increase future research
  • Be in accordance with the authors’ instruction guide

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