Every trimester, Polka Magazine opens its pages to the very best photographers from around the world. Here, they recount, explain, and unpack news from around the world.

Polka takes on all the latest in current events, featuring outstanding photography. With dossiers from photographers in the field, you’ll be brought to the heart of the action. Each issue brings you the most stunning images from different wars and crises. Plus, you’ll get photo-reports on different societies of today’s world.

From the everyday to the most exceptional, from social to political, Polka keeps you up to date. Finally, you’ll get the visual approach to culture you’ve been waiting for. Through different forms spanning from sports to art photography, you won’t miss a beat in today’s aesthetics. Take a dive into the world around us.

Polka Magazine brings you both spectacle and analysis, without taboos or concessions, and maintaining total liberty and independence. With visual narratives that double as objects of proof, you’ll get reporting straight from the field and the best articles from leading professionals.

Polka is the magazine for those who want to see and understand. Thorough, free, and with rigorous standards.

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