Zouzous Jeux

OKOO is the magazine that will introduce your child to educational games. Along with their favorite heroes and characters, they’ll have a blast with these colorful and joyous pages.

Your child will also get a chance to learn the stories of their favorite fictional characters. OKOO will introduce them to reading through worlds and stories that they already know about, piquing their interest in the stories before them. Letter and number games are also included in these issues. Plus, your child will learn the rules of living together in society. They’ll learn about nature and different professions. Thanks to articles adapted to their age, little ones will learn about the world around them. What’s more, they’ll also get to show their artistic talent thanks to coloring pages ! With a combination of fun activities and intriguing stories, kids will get a wonderful introduction to different forms of art.

Check out our other kid’s titles while you’re here, also available on our French site.

Because we believe that your favorite magazines should be available no matter where you are, we offer free shipping on OKOO everywhere in the world! Don’t wait to share these fun, educational moments with your child.


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