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Neurochirurgie deals with one of the most difficult disciplines to practice in the medical field: Neurosurgery. It is the study of the human brain and the central and peripheral nervous system.

Neurochirurgie brings together research in neurosurgery and complementary disciplines such as neuro-anesthesiology. Neuroradiology concerns radiology and imaging of the skull. Electroencephalography measures the electrical activity of the brain. Plus, neuro-pathology research engages with diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.

What’s more, Neurochirurgie delves into other fields, like neuro-ophthalmology. Dotoneurology analyzes diseases related to hearing and balance. Similarly, maxillofacial surgery looks at pathologies of the oral cavity and face. Finally, neuro-endocrinology is concerned with the interaction between the central nervous system and the endocrine system.

Neurochirurgie presents renowned researchers with original ideas, efficiently writing on clinical cases. Here you’ll find the most recent developments in the specialty and current information on upcoming conferences.

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